domingo, 24 de junio de 2012

iSwoop - Ambrosia's best game finally on iOS

iSwoop is a space arcade 2d stylish game inspired by the classics (galaga, galaxian, and specially Swoop by Ambrosia software).

You are a shock trooper in the alliance marines. Your specialty is guerrilla space-warfare, and your mission is to buy time for the surviving miners to get away to safety. 

The game features:
- Endless levels, endless fun!iSwoop is a game of survival, its objective is to get the maximum score possible before you run out of ships.
- There are nine different types of weapons. As the player gets to higher levels he'll get armed with more powerful weapons. 
- Seven types of enemies.
- There are four unique challenge levels which will test the player's reflexes and skills. Each will get harder as the level increases.
- iSwoop has an amazing soundtrack and audio effects, created by Ambrosia software.
- Retina support.
- Game Center support.   



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